nail art pricing

nail art is $1-$12 per nail


tier 1

minimal nail art


- French

- multi-color

- accent nail design

ombré nails

+ 0-20 minutes to service time

tier 2

detailed nail art


- animal print on 2-4 nails

- negative space

- line art

- simple detailing

+ 20-40 minutes to service time

tier 3

elaborate nail art


- conceptualization/ interpreting nail photos brought in by client

- detailed art

- elaborate patterns or line work

- animal print on 6-10 nails

+ 40 or more minutes to service time

Ombré nails:  $2 per nail

+$5 per each additional color

(Additional colors cost more because our high quality machine requires cleaning between each use of color. Along with that, more colors are more product being used)

Minimum nail art price of $5

If you have a budget, please let me know!

Cost per nail will be discussed at beginning of appointment.

Please send all nail art ideas ahead of time.